Organic Exfoliant Clay Mask

  • Reveal your fresh, healthy looking skin;

    • Removes the dead cells that make your skin look dull
    • Gently draws out excess oils, pollution, toxins, and other environmental impurities
    • A blend of organic herbs and essential oils hydrate and nourish the deep layers of your skin promoting healthy, vibrant new cell turn over, for silky soft, younger looking and smoother skin
    • Also, can be used as a clarifying mask by leaving on for 10 minutes before rinsing off
    • Try giving yourself a whole body exfoliation with this in the shower – your skin will love you for it!
      Suitable for most skin types, especially oily and congested.
    • Australian yellow clay

      gently exfoliates & cleanses your skin, toning & strengthening connective tissues, stimulating blood circulation, drawing out toxins & superfluous fat, and hydrating, nourishing & feeding your skin, without leaving it feeling dry or tight. Sandalwood powder:  Gentle exfoliation to soften the skin, also nourish and strengthen tea tree powder: Purifying with a firmer exfoliating action bamboo: Super fine exfoliation, and being silica rich, helps fortify the skin.


      Rich in vitamins and hydrating -  used to promote elasticity and diminish the appearance of sun damage, scars and photo-ageing.


      Comforts whilst cleansing and purifying.

      Aloe vera

      soothes, softens and promotes absorption of performance ingredients.

    • 130ml / 4.4 fl.oz. PET disc top

      Please re-use or recycle after use

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