Cleanser with Rosehip

  • Suitable for most skin types.

    Use to cleanse the face and décolletage

    How do I love thee?

    Awaken a radiant complexion each morning and release the day each evening with the extraordinary delight of our first love cleanser:

    • Feel fresh and free as you experience the dissolving of dirt, light make-up, excess oils, pollution, toxins, dead skin cells and impurities in the uplifting, gently foaming gel.

    • pH balanced and free from harsh cleaning agents and irritants so your skin retains its natural moisture and healthy glow.

    • Rose hip

      Rich in vitamins A, B, D, E & C. EFA’s and water-binders, promotes elasticity, diminish the appearance of scarring, sun damage and photo-ageing.


      Considered by many to be the world's most soothing herb, with a refreshing effect on the skin.  Also known to reduce inflammation and irritation. Its sweet, herbal and fruity scent promotes relaxation.

      Aloe vera

      Softens, soothes, bestows anti-ageing phyto-nutrients and promotes absorption of performance ingredients.

      Orange hydrosol

      Brightens the complexion, clears congested skin and blemishes with a cheerful aroma to lift the spirit.

    • 130ml / 4.4 fl.oz. PET pump pack
      Please re-use or recycle after use.
    • Morning and especially at night after exposure to a swill of environmental interactions, splash face with warm water. Pump a small amount of first love cleanser into clean hands or a soft wash cloth. Apply cleanser all over face and neck in a circular motion; avoid contact with eyes. Massage skin, allowing the cleanser to penetrate for a few minutes. Rinse thoroughly with warm fresh water, followed with a cold splash to improve blood circulation. Pat dry with a soft towel. Follow with first love skin hydrating tonic and first love day or night cream.

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