Note from the Founder

Synthesis 345 is the name of the company i founded in 2006 to discover, nurture and promote ways that make a positive difference to the wellbeing of humanity and the total environment. First Love Organics is the name of the first skincare range i created. 

Since then numerous other products have emerged under the Synthesis 345 banner, including the two ranges: First Light Organics and Synthesis Organics. We also support other organic skincare brands bring their products to market by formulating and producing unique formulas for them.

I believe that just by changing something as simple as our skin care, we can improve the way we look, feel and how we impact the environment around us.

Over the last 16 years I have worked in the fields of alternative healing, energy work and conscious living, both in Australia and in the USA, and taken part in helping to establish an organic, ethical lifestyle in co-operation with others in the greater Byron Bay area of Australia. This has involved exploring alternative healing modalities and all aspects of conscious living. In discovering more about consciousness and our innate desire and capacity to live in harmony, so too grew a profound sense of responsibility for the sacred gift of life, a passion for truth and the care of the earth and all living things. This passion allowed the co-establishment of 'Earth Heartbeat', previously known as the ‘The Thin Green Line’ – an organic, Fair trade, eco-lifestyle shop and conscious wellbeing centre and winner of Best Retail in the business excellence awards.

Being increasingly aware and sensitive to the consequences of my lifestyle choices meant considering the effect on my body and soul of the multitude of artificial chemicals contained (and most often tested on animals) within skincare products. 

It very quickly became obvious to me that something as intimate as skincare, something so regularly applied and absorbed into our body, had to be as pure as possible and full of positive energy. Thus began Synthesis 345 and the creation of the First Love Organic range.

A true synthesis of many talents; the team that has gathered to support the manifestation of these products all share the same values that drive the quality and purity of all Synthesis 345 products. 

In an industry where brands can be marketed as 'natural' and 'organic', even if far from it, the certified organic standard shines like a beacon of hope, and my gratitude goes out to all who have helped to develop and uphold this benchmark.

May you find a quiet moment each day to be nurtured and uplifted by these beautifying gifts, created to nourish not only your skin, but your whole being."