Simple Steps to Radiant Beauty

Morning and night - cleanse, tone and moisturise.

essential step 1: cleanse

Morning, and especially at night after exposure to daily environmental interactions, use First Love Cleanser to gently dissolve light make-up and impurities; dirt, excess oils, pollution, toxins, dead skin cells.
To remove eye-makeup, use a damp cotton wool bud to smooth the cleanser across the delicate eye area and rinse thoroughly.
beauty tip:
Spend a few minutes massaging the face when cleansing to encourage healthy circulation and facilitate nutrient penetration.

essential step 2: exfoliate and tone

A really important step bestowing a multitude of phyto-nutrients to:
  • improve tone and brighten pigmentation
  • reduce the appearance of fine lines
  • protect against signs of skin ageing
Perfectly prepares skin to receive the full benefits of the moisturisers.
Spray First Blush Skin Hydrating Tonic directly and generously onto the skin or onto a certified organic cotton wool ball and then gently smooth over face and neck as step 2 of your essential daily skin care. Do not rinse off.
beauty tip:
Keep a bottle handy throughout the day to mist over face, hands and hair for instant radiance, lasting hydration and a delightfully refreshing aroma. (Great when travelling!) Also helps to ‘set’ mineral make-up.

essential step 3: hydrate and protect during the day 

During the day, our skin needs protecting to face the stresses of pollution, wind, sun and other ‘ageing’ elements. Spread First Love Day Cream evenly across face, throat and outer eye area to :
  • feed the skin with anti-oxidants to combat damaging free radicals.
  • soften and improve texture and appearance, reducing fine lines.
beauty tip:
In hot, humid weather, use the First Blush Skin hydrating tonic to deliver the nutrients you need, and apply only a very small amount of day cream to protect them. In drier, cooler climates, when extra richness is required, apply a little night cream before applying the day cream.

essential step 4: nourish and restore at night

Be restored, renewed and deeply soothed while you rest.
Gently apply First Love Always and Forever Night Cream to:
  • promote softness, elasticity and the smoothing of fine lines
  • hydrate, for firm and silky soft skin
  • protect against and reduce the already present signs of skin ageing
beauty tip:
Skin has 5 layers within the Epidermis. It can take a full skin cell cycle (from 15 days to 45 days) to show the true results of this renewing skin care routine.

specialty treatments - exfoliate and deeply purify

Once a week ( or more frequently for those with oily and congested skin) to reveal your fresh looking skin with First Love Exfoliant by:
  • removing the dead cells that make skin look dull.
  • gently draw out excess oils, pollution, toxins and other impurities.
A blend of organic herbs and essential oils hydrate and nourish the deep
layers of the skin promoting new cell turn over for silky soft, smoother, healthy, vibrant and younger looking skin. 
beauty tip:
Apply a thick layer of first love exfoliant to clean dry skin once a week. Leave on as a clay mask for up to 15 minutes, relax and allow toxins to be drawn out.

specialty treatments - treat the eye area

Soothe and restore the unique delicate eye area each morning and night. First Love ‘ follow the light’ eye cream is an inspired synergistic blend... revealed in a quest to dramatically reduce, without irritation, the appearance of dark circles, puffiness, dryness and the visible signs of ageing around the eyes. 
beauty tip:
The delicate skin around your eyes is 50% thinner than the rest of the face. Take care not to pull or tug this area, only ever use non-irritating products. Apply by gently patting eye cream around the eye sockets up to the brow bone and where ‘crow’s feet’ appear.

specialty treatment - regenerative facial massage

Bestow vitality and energy to your skin so it glows with good health...
Smooth First Love Regenerative Elixir over the face, neck and decolletage as often as desired.
Especially good for dry, mature or damaged skin - apply under First Love cream am/pm to slow signs of ageing and increase radiance and elasticity.
  • hydrates, lifts and firms, reduces fine lines and wrinkles
  • protects against the free radicals that can damage and age the skin
  • brightens and improves skin’s texture for youthful radiance
beauty tip:
Optimize the rejuvenating qualities with a simple self-massage every few days alternatively visit a salon using the Synthesis 345 first love skin care and discover the pure bliss of a Radiant Beauty facial massage.