We have aspired to create a range of products that fill you with the warm glow of doing something positive for yourself and the environment.

We understand that every action has an effect and so have considered all aspects of our skincare range, from production, to packaging, to its energetic quality.

In accordance with countless healing traditions and modalities, through years of our own experience we believe, that when our energy or ‘chi’ is flowing freely through all the energy centres of the body, we feel whole and balanced and appear radiant. Thus we have Alchymeically Imbued our products with energetic benefits to gently support the living process, inviting you to shine with the radiance of true beauty.

Due to the dominance of scientific materialism in the cosmetic industry, the importance of  ‘energy’ or ‘chi’ or ‘life-force’ is often left unacknowledged. Yet many of us have witnessed or experienced the visible radiance and beauty of someone who is full of the energy of love and life.  

Further, our own energy has an effect on our life…. ‘the inside becomes the outside’. Caring for yourself and creating space in your day to re-balance and restore harmony will benefit not only you, but everyone and everything around you. 

Allow our simple steps to radiant beauty to be a moment morning and night, when you allow yourself to be nourished and restored.