Our Promise

Every body needs nurturing…

In our demanding modern times finding a moment to allow ourself to be nurtured and restored is imperative. We also need to be happy that we are doing the best we can for ourselves and the world around us.

Our promise is...

  • To nurture every ‘body’ with the purest of care.
  • To offer a product of utmost integrity - without compromise on quality or efficacy. To enlighten* and inspire.
  • Enlighten – to fill with light, illuminate. Enlightenment is a radiance that shines on everyone.

First Love Organic products by Synthesis 345 deliver on the promise:

Third party accredited Certified Organic* (O.F.C.), Australian Made, free from 
animal products (Vegan). Safety and efficacy are tested without animals. Packaged and produced with environmental responsibility (sustainable).
We are committed to supporting the Fair Trade movement through ethical and sustainable ingredient sourcing and the commission of handcrafted gift boxes and bags by a registered Fair Trade co-op empowering marginalised women.
* Free from synthetics, irritants, GMO’s, formaldehyde producing preservatives and non-naturally derived ingredients.


  • We are certified organic by OFC, accredited by the Organic Federation of Australia and monitored by the Australian Government’s Quarantine Inspection Service (AQIS). Our OFC certification number is 0493.

    Every aspect of our farming and processing practices is externally audited to ensure we strictly adhere to the comprehensive set of rules known as ‘the Organic Standard’.

    Reaching a certified organic standard is different from merely saying our products are organic or have some organic ingredients.

    We carry the official logos on our products of third party agents who have checked that we really are using organic and organic approved ingredients and no synthetic chemicals and that our facilities are suitable for producing organic products. These agents are approved by the Australian Governments to check that the whole chain that reaches from the farm all the way to our products on the shelf has met these requirements as well. This includes appropriate transport, no chemical pest control, no mixing of non-organic and organic products.

    Having these official logos is the ONLY WAY to be sure a product is truly organic and chemical free as unfortunately the industry is rife with products claiming to be organic that simply are not.

    The 'OFC' is Australia's fastest growing organic certification body and is recognised internationally with a higher standard than the UK's Soil association or the European ECOCERT and a parallel standard with the USA's certification. OFC certified products must have a minimum of 95% certified organic and 100% natural ingredients.

    The OFC is also accredited with USDA, NOP, NAFF and the European Union as a certifying body, and registered as JAS-ANZ AS/NSZ ISO 9001-2000 Quality Assurance Company accredited by the SGS International.

    For more information visit - www.organicfoodchain.com.au or www.ofa.org.au

  • We believe to love is to take care, and to feel the impact of our actions on all that we touch upon. We use sustainable materials such as hemp, jute and recycled post consumer paper for our products outer packaging. We use easily recyclable glass and PET plastic for our bottles and are constantly researching even better environmental options for this area. Synthesis 345 ingredients are 100% biodegradable and can be safely released into the environment.

    We also help run and fund an environmental shop and resource centre, The Thin Green Line, promoting unique ecological, organic and Fair Trade lifestyle goods and services from around the world. Part of this is researching and implementing ways to reduce our carbon footprint and encouraging other local businesses to do likewise. We raise money and donations for many charities and environmental agencies (Greenpeace, WWF, Wilderness Society, FAW and others) and help educate the local community on sustainable practices and developing organic initiatives.

    We offset our travel and recycle and strive to reduce waste in all areas of our administration and production. As we continue to grow, we are committed to becoming 100% green and carbon neutral.

    About our Environmental Packaging


    Our boxes are printed on post-consumer recycled or forest managed certified sustainable card, with non-toxic vegetable inks. Boxes protect our products from exposure to sunlight or harm whilst travelling and give us more space to share total transparency of ingredients and explain the various certifications for each product, giving you all you need to make an informed choice. Our boxes are also totally recyclable. 

    Bottles and containers

    We have spent much time investigating the types of packaging available to present our pure ingredients to you in. There are many factors to consider; keeping the ingredients pure and at optimal potency, recyclability and overall environmental impact. 

    While some areas were quite clear; acrylic, PVC , aluminium are out of the question as they either; use a lot of toxins in manufacture, are harder or less likely to be recycled or can leach chemicals into the ingredients. Many of these packaging types are now actually banned by organic certifiers. 

    What took much more consideration was weighing up the benefits of the 3 ‘best alternatives’; glass, PET, PP plastic, and corn starch PLA bottles.

    Eventually we decided on glass for our products with high concentrations of essential oils or certain actives that are best preserved by glass bottles.

    For the rest of the products, we chose PET and PP plastic as these materials are non-leaching, the lightest to ship, use the least amount of energy (taking the overall energy life-span into account) and the most likely to be recycled, and the most energy efficient to recycle. 

    We are keeping in touch with all the latest developments, and if a better alternative presents itself, we are committed to further evolving our packaging.  


    • Please take the time to recycle your bottles once you have finished with them.
    • Recycling Hints:
      1. Do not place recyclables in plastic bags. Use a tub or basket to transport recyclables from your kitchen to your recycling bin to ensure your recycling efforts are not wasted.
      2. The lids on plastic containers can be included in your recycling.
      4. It is not necessary to peel labels off containers as they are taken out during the recycling process.
      5. Put the plastic bottles into the recycling bin with the metal shell – this will also be recycled.
  • Our products are Australian made where wages are fair but many people in developing nations do not share this basic human right. To acknowledge this and make some contribution we have partnered with a certified Fair Trade organisation for the creation of some unique, beautiful and re-useable gift packaging, made from sustainable materials, to support the creative and economic independence of artisan communities in India and Asia.

    We work with a Member of the Fair Trade Association to develop our unique eco-friendly gift boxes and bags.

    The Prokritee fair trade organization in Bangladesh handcraft our First Love gift box and string from Jute - a bio-degradable vegetable fiber derived from the bark of an annual reed. It makes an attractive, strong re-useable box.

    Artisans from a non-profit and non-government social development organization in Bangladesh - SHOHOJOGITA (which means helping each other), handcraft our travel bags and receive a fair wage and relevant facilities. We share a vision of a society free from exploitation and injustice. Our purchasing choices help to empower rural, poor, widowed, divorced and / or marginalised women by creating sustainable employment.



    NB. Our gift packaging is shipped with container loads of goods already bound for Australia to minimise the impact of the distance they have to travel. 
    We are also committed to sustainable and ethical sourcing for our ingredients.
  • The Australian Grown brand is an easy way for you to identify products that are Australian. The famous symbol is a guarantee that the Synthesis 345 products are Australian made and owned.

  • Synthesis 345 products are now registered with the Vegan Society indicating that there are no animal products or by-products used in our registered products.

    The Vegan logo is a registered trademark and is a symbol of our Vegan ‘Animal-free’ Standards. It appears on thousands of animal free products that have been registered with The Vegan Society.

    Why Vegan?

    It’s compassionate:

    Many people become vegan through concern at the way farmed animals are treated. Some object to the unnecessary ‘use’ and killing of animals – unnecessary as we do not need animal products in order to care for our skin.

    It’s better for the environment:

    Switching to plant-based skin care is an effective way for an individual to reduce their eco-footprint. Vegan products produce fewer greenhouse gas emissions than ones that include animal products.

    It’s a healthy choice:

    A balanced Vegan diet (also referred to as a ‘plant-based diet’) meets many current healthy eating recommendations such as eating more fruit, vegetables and wholegrains and consuming less cholesterol and saturated fat. Balanced Vegan diets are often rich in vitamins and antioxidants. Synthesis 345’s skin care philosophy is to provide the skin with the same quality nutritious food it needs to function at its best and we believe all these nutrients are found in the plant and mineral kingdoms.

  • Choose Cruelty Free is a not-profit organisation that promotes cruelty-free living. Choose Cruelty free assures you that no animal has been harmed nor have we tested on animals to produce this product. Criteria for accreditation as a cruelty-free company is the most stringent in the world.

    With viable alternatives to testing the safety of cosmetic ingredients such as in vitro and computer modeling, there is no need for animal testing to continue.