Everyday Practices for Healthy Skin

  • promote a radiant and youthful complexion
  • minimise exposure to environmental toxins
  • restore and maintain balance
  • further improve your overall wellbeing

with these simple daily lifestyle habits:


Skin brushing: an invaluable aid to exfoliating and encouraging healthy elimination for our largest organ.

Diet: A well-balanced diet rich in organic fresh produce wherever possible will support the glow of radiant good health. Supplementing your diet with quality vitamins, essential fatty acids and minerals may also be required. Raw organic nuts, especially almonds, provide vitamin E and antioxidants for skin health. Leafy greens provide vitamin A which prevents premature ageing. 

Beauty Sleep: Everything regenerates when we sleep! Ongoing sleep deprivation shows up in pouches under the eyes and lacklustre skin. Ensure your sleep is the best quality by creating a peaceful nurturing rest environment (with organic bedding if you can). 

Water: Drinking at least 2 litres of clean water daily to help flush out toxins and keep your body hydrated is crucial for radiant skin. Try drinking it slightly warmed and with a dash of lemon for further benefit.

Invest in a water filter if you have a chemically treated water supply: We recommend using both a filter for your drinking water and a shower filter, which removes heavy metals and other unseen contaminants found in most water supplies. This will also help you gain the maximum benefit from natural products. It has been found that “showers lead to a greater exposure to toxic chemicals in water supplies than drinking the water” (Ian Anderson New Scientist) and a professor of Water Chemistry at the University of Pittsburg U.S.A. claims that exposure to vaporised chemicals through showering, bathing and inhalation is 100 times greater than drinking water! (The Nader Report - Troubled Waters on Tap)

Exercise: Gentle daily exercise is well known to help with circulation, elimination, detoxification and general wellbeing. Cardiovascular exercise such as walking, swimming, aerobics and cycling really gets your skin glowing.  

Stress relief: Whether you choose meditation, yoga, ‘time out’ with your loved ones or simply deep breathing, create a moment each day to restore your balance and wellbeing and relieve the cycle of stress. Remember stress is a major factor in free radical production, a precursor of the signs of premature ageing! 

Keep good companysurround yourself with friends, family and loved ones who support the best in you. Love and be loved! 

and of course - use First Love Organic skincare every day with a loving touch!


‘touch the heart and the face lights up’

with these simple lifestyle habits: